Meet the game changer in body pillow comfort.

ComfiNest. The full body support pillow, re-invented.

ComfiNest™ is made with you, and the planet, in mind. Position the pillow to suit your lounge and sleep needs while always finding comfort with its extra soft and supportive materials. Made from the highest quality ingredients found only with the help of Mother Nature. Made in the USA.

Hear what people are saying...

"The ComfiNest pillow helped me feel safer in bed. I did not toss and turn at night.

It gave me the extra lift I needed to avoid acid reflux."

- Luz, San Diego, CA

"As someone with a chronic illness and frequent joint pain, this pillow has been a godsend. The flexibility of possible positions along with the excellent craftsmanship truly provides maximum comfort."

- Ashley, San Diego, CA

"I like how it can support me all the way to my ankles, which is what my physical therapist recommends for sleeping when pregnant...It's a must-gift for any pregnant friends, or friends recovering from injuries."

-Lauren, Las Vegas, NV


  • Top Quality Materials

    The ComfiNest Pillow uses only the softest, most breathable, lightweight fabrics to maintain a regulated body temperature . This assures that you will get your most comfortable night's sleep through moisture-wicking properties where you can avoid over-heating or getting too cold.

  • Eco-friendly + Sustainable

    When we think of mass production for a product such as the ComfiNest Pillow, we consider the impact this company will have on its customers and the planet. Using eco-friendly materials that cause less harm to people and planet Earth, is essential.

  • Delivery across the U.S.

    Right now, delivery is available within the U.S. only. (Hawaii and Alaska ship with additional surcharges.)  ComfiNest plans to deliver internationally in the future.

  • Travel-friendly

    Pack this pillow into your handy ComfiNest tote and take it with you anywhere!

  • Commitment

    ComfiNest will continue to strive for ways to be better as a small company on a global scale.


I'm not pregnant- can I still use this pillow?

Absolutely! While this pillow was designed and constructed for pregnancy, I realize that there are many features to the pillow that can benefit others sleep needs as well, including those well into motherhood and those who experience acute and chronic pain. You can use it for: lounging while reading or watching your favorite show, aiding with back support for side sleepers, creating arm, leg and foot rests for back and side sleepers. It even works for stomach sleepers with the correct and preferred type of head pillow. You'll find the ComfiNest™ pillow is perfect in many seasons of life.

Is the body pillow cover machine washable?

Yes! The body pillow cover is removable via zippers on each respective side pillow and is 100% machine washable. As the cover is made of our cotton or organic cotton material, I recommend washing the cover in cold water, maximum 30° C water temperature, on a delicate or gentle cycle.

To dry the cover, I recommend hanging it to air dry in your home for best results. Since organic cotton is not treated with chemicals it has a higher shrinkage rate (up to 10%) than conventional cotton when in contact with high heat levels. Color change is also likely to occur when in contact with high heat.

What are the dimensions and weight of the ComfiNest pillow?


28" width

7" height

68" - 79" length range depending on stretch and position of attachments. Upon order arrival will measure around 72" top to bottom.

These measurements were carefully designed to meet most height needs. We think you'll love it if you consider yourself short, average, or tall! 

Weight:  9 lbs 

Why is the head pillow insert not included?

Great question! The head pillow insert is not included simply because everyone has their own preferred head pillow to sleep with based on their own sleep needs. You already give up so much during pregnancy or during a recovery process, you shouldn't have to give up your head pillow too. Now you can insert and use your favorite head pillow and change it out as often or as little as you like.

**COMING SOON! ComfiNest will offer high quality latex head pillows on our website , sold separately.

What materials is the ComfiNest pillow made from?

Our pillows are made using the most simple, pure, natural ingredients while still making them practical and affordable for you to use. The pillows and bags come in a range of materials including, conventional cotton, organic cotton, vegan leather, and organic latex. All hand selected in a conscious effort towards the least damage to our eco system.

About Us

Military spouse and mom of two, answering her calling, to create a better body pillow for atleast one other person in this world. Along the way the importance of sustainability,

being eco-conscious and social responsibility has come up.

And now, ComfiNest is striving to do better for humans and the planet.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for being here.